The new REP token is named 'REPv2'

Total Supply
% Supply

Address: 0x221657776846890989a759ba2973e427dff5c9bb

It is advised that all aggregators and exchanges rename their token listings to 'REPv2', use the new REPv2 token logo and continue to reflect the total 11,000,000 supply (the total of REP + REPv2) in order to ensure consistency with the Augur Protocol. 

REPv2 Markets

Confirmed and active REPv2 trading pairs.

Exchange Trading Pair
Binance REPv2/ETH
Binance REPv2/BTC
Binance REPv2/USDT
Binance REPv2/BUSD
Binance US REPv2/USD
Binance US REPv2/BUSD
Binance KR REPv2/BTC
Binance KR REPv2/USDT
Binance KR REPv2/BUSD
Bithumb REPv2/KRW
BitFinex REPv2/ETH
BitFinex REPv2/BTC
BitFinex REPv2/USD
Bittrex REPv2/ETH
Bittrex REPv2/BTC
Crex24 REPv2/BTC
CoinBene REPv2/BTC
Exrates REPv2/BTC
Kraken REPv2/ETH
Kraken REPv2/BTC
Kraken REPv2/USD
Kraken REPv2/EUR
Upbit REPv2/KRW
Uniswap v2 REPv2/DAI
Uniswap v2 REPv2/ETH
Balancer REPv2/ETH

In Progress

Markets in-progress of their migration plans.

Exchange Trading Pair
Coinbase Announced
CoinEx In Progress
Poloniex In Progress
HitBTC In Progress
Folgory In Progress
BitMart Acknowledged
CoinField Acknowledged Acknowledged
Indodax Acknowledged


Waiting on public disclosure with guidance of their plans.

BiBox, BitBay, BitBNS, Bitsdaq, ChaoEX, CoinTiger, GoPAX, Hanbitco, LAToken, Mercatox, OMGFin, PolyX, ProBit, RightBTC, VCC Exch


Please send us an email if you notice or believe there is an exchange,
platform or service omitted from this list.



REP to REPv2 Migration Guide

REPv2 Token Icon Branding Kit

Augur v2 Logo Branding Kit